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Rishikesh, Adventure Place In India

Rishikesh is an exquisite town comes under the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand, a state in India. It is among the holiest places in India, includes various tourist destinations. Rishikesh is well known tourist destination in India that attracts variety to tourists, as it is the place where divinity and nature jointly open its gate for vacationers. Rishikesh comprises numerous temple, Ghats, adventurous places and historical places.

Places To Visit in Rishikesh

Triveni Ghat Rishikesh
The place is among the holiest places in the world for Hindu Community, where thousands for tourist take dip before visiting temple around the town. Every day in morning a prayer is performed by pilgrim, and at the time of dust an evening Aarti is celebrate here accompanied with lights, drums and chanting hymns. The whole prospect looks beautiful in its self.

Rishi Kund: Rishi Kund which means Sage’s pond, this is a beautiful pond which is believed to be dripped wet by Yamuna’s water on the request of Kubz Saint. There is also a small temple near the river dedicated to lord Shani.

Bharat Mandir: It is one of oldest temples in town located near to Jhanda Chowk. This temple is dedicated to hindu deity Vishnu, and it is believed that Rishi Rabhya made his penance here, since it is being served as a holy place, and people visit the place from near by areas. A sacred Hindu Yanta called ‘shree yanta’ is also placed inside the temple. Huge gathering generates at temple on day of ‘Basant Pachmi’, a festival of spring season.

Tera Manzil Temple: It is other major attraction to the place; this temple has the height that makes it visible from even Haridwar-Badrinath highway.

Ram Jhulla: It is well renowned place in whole town; Ram Jhulla connects Swargashram with Shivananda Ashram.

Kunjapuri Temple: It is located at the distance of 15 km from Rishikesh located on hill rock dedicated to local thirteen deities which are popular in near by regions.

Laxman Jhulla. Without Laxman Jhulla mention, Rishikesh writeup can’t be completed as it the major attraction of Rishikesh visited by thousands of tourists. It is a 450 feet hanging bridge built on Ganga River near the 1930. According to Hindu mythology, Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama crossed this river which was then jute made bridge. Tera Manzil Temple is also built near the bridge where idol of numerous deities are placed.

White Water Rafting,Rishikesh: White water rafting is one of major sports in Rishikesh that attraction thousands of tourists around the world in its season. Rafting is offered in Rishikesh on Ganga River which makes Rishikesh one of the adventurous places in India. Rafting is done in the month April and May and September to November rest months are closed for rafting because of high water level extreme cold weather.

Geeta Bhavan: Geeta Bhavan is the oldest temple complex, adjacent to famous Laxman Jhulla. The temple complex is believed to be quite old. It comprises 1000 rooms with conference hall. Simple vegetarian food is offered to devotees come over there.

Bungee Jumping: It is other major adventurous sports in Rishikesh; one can try it from Jumpin Height which is located 15 KM ahead from Rishikesh near the Neelkhant-Rishikesh Road. Bungee Jumpin give a unique life experience from 83 meter above the river water.

River Rafting Rishikesh: Kaudiyala is other major location for white water rafting in India which is located just few Km away from the Rishikesh. The place is also known as rafting capital of India attracts millions of tourists around the world.

Yoga in Rishikesh: Rishikesh is always considered the hub of Yoga Center as there are many world famous Yoga centers are located here which attracts million of Yoga devotees from all over the world. Some of famous Yoga home are listed below.

Rishikesh Yog Peeth: It is famous Yoga school and Ayurveda School in Rishikesh, adjacent to Swargashram.

Himalayan Yoga Gurukul: It is other popular Yoga and music school located near the Police post of Ram Jhulla.

Braham Yoga Rishikesh: It is managed by Aham Brahamasmi Yog Mandir Trust which is affiliated to Central Government of India. This trust was set up to promote Yoga in India.

How to Reach Rishikesh

By Train - Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railway station locates inside the town that connects Rishikesh to Haridwar, but there are only about three slow trains daily, and further Haridwar is served by many trains from many major cities of Indian including Delhi, Varanasi, Rajasthan, Amritsar, etc.

By Air: Nearest airport to Rishikesh is located in Dehradun called Jolly Grant Airport (about 15 km). It is a small, quiet and recently renovated airport handling many flights from Delhi. The runway is being extended and will possibly then handle flights from other metros as of now there are flights only from Delhi (The capital of India).

By Road: Rishikesh is well connected with all the major destinations in Uttarakhand and near by state. There are regular public and private bus services available from Rishikesh to other important destinations.


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